Friday, November 7, 2008

Knitting, what knitting?

Hi! I'm still around, all evidently all I do these days is fondle yarn and dream of knitting it, instead of actually making anything. Such is life.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip to the New Haven Farmer's Market. It was such a beautiful day for the market!

I saw lots of beautiful things.

Including yarn!

This booth was selling goat and sheep cheese, as well as handspun yarn (presumably from the very same sheep). Just think, you could be wearing AND eating products of the same animal! Farming is cool.

Also pricey. The 200-yard skeins (I'd estimate DK-weight or so) were $15. And this sweater, although you can't see the price tag, is $150. Of course, this is absolutely worth it, and really probably a pretty good deal given the amount of labor going into a handspun, handknit sweater. I realize that, but I hope enough other people do and buy these beautiful sweaters!

Mmmm, yarn. One of these days I will have pictures of actual knitting progress to show, including a brief attempt at a patriotic scarf. This was typical Rita--I started it Tuesday afternoon, thinking I would knit it as I watched the election results came in, and then have it forever as a memento of the most important election of my lifetime. Of course, what I actually did was knit seven inches spend the rest of the time drinking champagne and shouting gleefully at the TV. Now I'm remembering that I hate scarves and wondering if there's such a thing as a patriotically-colored potholder in mistake rib.

Anyway. Yarn!