Friday, June 29, 2007

Hola from España!

So Spain is pretty chill on the knitting front-so far I´ve spent pretty much all of my time touring cathedrals etc. and/or eating way too much. I´ve also been sleeping on the bus, which cuts heavily into my prime knitting time (it also cuts into the time when I am supposed to be learning about the subjuntive tense, but something about our professor´s soothing voice and the motion of the bus and I am OUT. But come on, who tries to teach a lesson ON A BUS?). I did, however, manage to turn the heel on the second stripy sock on the plane on the way over, and now I´m done with the gussets and on to the foot. Maybe I´ll have a pair by the end of the trip?

Also, no yarn stores so far, although I haven´t looked very hard. Maybe in the city we´re getting to tomorrow, where I´ll take classes for a month.

Anyway, so I wanted to share this amusing conversation from the other night:
Boyfriend: So, your birthday´s coming up. What do you want?
Me: Oh, you know me pretty well. Get me something you think I would like.
Boyfriend: Aw, man, is this some kind of test or something?
Me: No, don´t be silly. Seriously, you know me better than just about anyone. You´ll come up with something.
Boyfriend: ...well, I´m not getting you knitting stuff.
Me: See, you DO know me!

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