Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Knitting on the Road

(apologies to Nancy Bush)

Well, I'm off to Spain tomorrow, so this little baby blog probably won't see a lot of action for awhile. In the interest of Minimalism and Reducing the Amount of Crap I Will Be Carrying Around Europe, my travel knitting for the summer will be...socks. And only socks. (chosen for their small size, portability, and the fine gauge, thus ensuring that they'll last me awhile). Therefore, the next seven weeks will see me doing a lot of this:

f0r awhile.

(socks: Lana Grossa Meilenweit, color #Ilosttheballband, 2.25 bamboo DPNs, "sock recipe" from here. I actually finished this sock and just started the heel flap for the second, but I thought this picture--taken in the Atlanta airport on the way back from Brazil earlier this month, and featuring a lovely Airport Carpet background--would give a nice idea of what I'll be doing.)

For my trip, I have the remainder of this pair, some Lorna's Laces in Tuscany (look at the colors, I want allll of them, precious) and some Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Red Tail Hawk. Yum yum. (and who am I kidding, probably some Souvenir Spanish Sock Yarn. I know myself well).

When I get back: the epic story of how this:

became this:

(excuse the dippy look on my face; I was probably thinking something along the lines of "Mom, take the damn picture!")

and subsequently this:

But first, a-traveling I will go. See ya.

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