Thursday, October 4, 2007

bad dreams

Last night I had a little bit of a nightmare. In my dream, I was looking through my yarn drawer when I came upon the yarn that Leslie dyed for me, the beautiful turquoise and green sock yarn (the yarn that is currently about three feet from me, and my camera is sitting right here, but I'm lazy so no picture right now). As I looked at it, I realized that one of the skeins wasn't sock yarn after all, but fuzzy mohair boucle--AWFUL for socks. I was very upset, and then I wondered whether I had enough of the other skein (which was sock yarn) to make ankle socks.

Very weird. I can't be the only person who's had dreams about yarn, though.

Anyway, more later (after the @#$&! Midterm of Doom later today), that will probably feature pictures of projects past (Iro hat, finally finished on the third incarnation), present (stupid headband, made negative progress last night after realizing that I'm a moron and having to rip a bunch), and future (mittens-to-be).


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Leslie said...

Rita! Thanks for linking to my blog. :) I read this entry yesterday, went to bed, and had my very own knitting nightmare - someone had broken all of my DPNs! In the dream I knew who it was, but I woke up and forgot. Anyway, I was really mad about it. It was the kind of dream where you wake up and are SO happy to realize it was a dream and your DPNs are still intact, scattered all over the couch and floor right where they belong.

Also, I hate to agree, but that is indeed a... erm... unique-looking... sweater. However, although it might sound paradoxical, the knitting looks great!

I am currently making fingerless gloves with mitten tops (my third pair - every time I make them I swear I'm never going to do it again, glove fingers are SO much work, but people keep asking for them and I don't say no) and resisting the urge to turn my travely blog into a knitty blog. Hope you're well!