Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gift Knitting: Engage!

It's that time of year! My college marching band traditionally does a secret santa gift exchange, with three presents on three successive days. Check out my gifts for days 2 and 3:

I knew I'd find a use for that novelty yarn...

Gift #3 was the Ultra Alpaca scarf, which I did end up reblocking to get rid of the scallops. Evidently I'm more compulsive than I thought.

Oh, and remember that #$%^!! Manos hat, that I was so convinced would finally work?

On what planet, I ask you, would this possibly fit a normal human being? I mean, I know I have a gigantic head, but still. (also: note handknit sweater! whee!)

All right, you stupid yarn. This is your last chance. You're going to become Urchin or I'll know the reason why.

(On second thought, the cables didn't really show up that well anyway, so I suppose it's for the best).

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Sisterly Knits said...

I wonder wonder whats in the paaaaccckkkaaaaaageeee!!!