Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh, the humility. Oh, the handknits.

It's 12:52 a.m. My paper is due in approximately 11 hours. I have 17 pages done, not counting the works cited page, and I still need a conclusion. I'm camped out in the library.

It's chilly in here, though. Brrr. What am I wearing? Why, my Iro hat and my hot pink cabled armwarmers, of course! (No picture of those; loosely based on these. And I do mean loosely).

I'll be back soon, once the paper is done. In the meantime, can I just point out the cosmic unfairness of final exams coming right during Christmas knitting season? Yeah. "Here you go, mother dearest, woman who carried me, gave birth to me (giant head and all), raised me, put up with my whining, cleaned up my messes, didn't kill me when I went through my "Spice Girls phase" when I was ten, fed me, did my laundry for eighteen years, and now pays for my college education all while flying me across the country several times year and shipping me boxes of yarn that I've left at home. What a wonderful job you've done raising me, and how I appreciate you. Merry Christmas. Here, have this circular needle with two rows of knitting on it, and my apologies."

Sigh. When I'm not whining, I like to imagine that I'm knitting this. Except not as sparkly.

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Leslie said...

Haha, yes! It is cosmically unfair. My Christmas knitting output has been increasing since college (and increasingly on time... last year I don't think I gave anyone knitting needles with an unfinished project on them, yay!) but I'm still not anywhere near Yarn Harlot-style craziness with schedules for knitting approximately forty million pairs of socks in twenty-five days.

That cardigan is cute! It looks very "Rita" to me (minus the sparkles). Happy final exam-ing, and happy knitting! I'm off to cast on for an unoriginal hat (from the Harlot blog) for my little brother's girlfriend. :)