Sunday, January 6, 2008

Holidays 2007: Part I

Handmade Christmas: Gifts Given

Ysolda's Urchin, for Mom. Still haven't woven in ends, because still haven't totally finished it, because recipient has yet to make up her mind what she wants on the top. "A bobble!, actually, a button. Or ooh, a pompom..." Lesson learned: next time, decide for her. Modifications: added more stitches in the center panel to make it bigger and floppier.
Materials: a little less than one skein of Manos del Uruguay, knit flat on crappy size 10 circs bought in Spain.

Little drawstring bags, for a friend. Scrap fabric, ribbons, a sewing machine. Superfast.

Hat for dad, just as requested (seen here blocking on a jar of rice in my room). Last seen in the "two balls of yarn and holy crap Christmas is in two days" stage, but completed on Christmas Eve.

Hat: inside detail (his initials). Recipient has not removed hat since Christmas morning, except to sleep or shower, which I take to be a success.
Pattern: my own; knit in the round on Clover size 6 circ, sewn-up hem with initials duplicate-stitched inside. Two-ish balls of Debbie Bliss merino aran, which I would use again in an instant; it's amazingly soft and drapes so nicely. It was a little splitty, but that's mostly/entirely because I knit most of the body while watching Juno in the theater, so I was distracted by trying to knit/eat popcorn/adore Michael Cera at the same time.

Earrings, for a different friend. She loved them. Hooray!

Bracelet, for my aunt. I love beaded gifts. They are FAST.

Earrings for mom (whose birthday, two days before Christmas, necessitates the making of multiple gifts).

Glove for my aunt, last seen half-completed. Also well-received!

Finally, my favorite present EVER. His name is Toby, and he's small fuzzy and of indeterminate parentage. He enjoys chewing on yarn. More pictures to come. (Also, see my dad in his hat? Hooray!)

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