Saturday, March 29, 2008

Knitting isn't fun


I think I have a new favorite scarf! It's already been worn extensively on my spring break adventures, from New Haven to Chicago to Princeton, NJ, and Maine, and everywhere in between.

(this also shows off my new haircut, which at the time the picture was taken, was veeringly alarmingly towards less "Audrey Hepburn" and more "prepubescent boy." It's softened up a little since then.)

Blocking softened it up really nicely, and it drapes beautifully. It's just long enough to wrap around and have plenty left over, and I love the way the colors turned out (yes, I dyed it myself, but let's not maintain any illusions that I know what I'm doing).

(And look how well it goes with my red pants!)

Of course, while in Chicago, I did find the time to visit a yarn store or two; I'll document the haul and post pictures soon.

In other news, I also taught Rosa how to knit. Despite her frequent claims not to enjoy knitting, and that it "wasn't fun," I seemed to see a lot of this over break, and she's been spotted going to a yarn store or two herself:

Don't be fooled, though. Knitting isn't fun.

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Leslie said...

Awesome scarf! I'm not sure I believe you about the not knowing what you're doing with dyeing.

Also, your haircut is cute! As is the picture of Rosa. And I owe you an email. :)