Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gathered Pullover: so close

So, so close.

I finished the bodice:

(sorry, 1 a.m. and bad overhead lighting does not make for good photographing. But I was just so excited!)

The end was in sight. When I tried it on, though, the bottom (the cast-on edge) was really, really tight. I thought long-tail cast-on was supposed to be pretty stretchy, but this was just so binding and immovable.

So I picked out the cast-on, all 184,724 (approx.) stitches, and re-bound off with a sewn bind-of a la EZ. Stretchy, flexible, and totally worth the crick in my neck.

I really should look up a better cast-on next time, though.

Anyway, the point is that I am now So. Close.

So close.

Meanwhile, the Flamingo Scarf resists being photographed, but it is a pretty color!


Diana said...


I hate how used to computers I am, and how I'd really really like to "copy and paste" a lot of things. like I'd tell you to copy and paste that bodice and keep one just as a knit vest.

or how I'd like to copy and paste my handwarmer mitten thing, but that's not gonna happen. just the one will have to suffice. (I already think it'll be good for my right, mouse clicking hand...the other one can hide somewhere else while I work.)

Anonymous said...

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