Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi, I'm Rita, and I'm late to the party

So basically the point of all this is that I'm horribly uncool. There are some people who always seem to anticipate trends--they're wearing/knitting/listening to/doing whatever the Next Big Thing is, before it's even a Big Thing.

I am so not one of those people.


1) I just started watching The Office. It is hilarious! Yes, say my friends and every other college student in the world, we knew this two years ago.

2) Last week I read The Kite Runner. Bestselling, blah blah blah, came out...ah yes, the summer of 2005.

3) I am thinking of knitting a Central Park Hoodie. Wait, what is that, you say? I've never even heard of it! It's not like EVERYBODY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD has already made one, or anything.

4) And finally, proving that once again I am more that a bit behind the times... I joined Ravelry! My username is RitaA. So far it reminds me very much of Facebook for knitters. Facebook and knitting are pretty much how I spend all of the time I should be doing homework, so I expect my academic productivity to decrease accordingly.

Nonrelatedly, in lieu of knitting news, here is a funny picture:

Yes, that is my face.

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Rosa said...

Ha. I beat you to Ravelry. It really satisfies my neurotic love of sorting and cataloging stuff.