Sunday, May 4, 2008

(almost) instant gratification

In an attempt to avoid studying for the exams which WILL creep up upon me despite my best efforts to pretend otherwise, yesterday I did the following:

1) Attempted to organize my closet, but actually just made a giant mess

2) Dug out a sock that I started last summer, turned the heel, picked up stitches from the flap, started the gusset. No pictures yet, but coming soon!

3) Ate a rather alarming amount of chocolate.

4) Despite the multitude of projects on the needles, some with deadlines, some that have been hanging around so long it's embarassing...I cast on for a new project: this lace headband. I don't know what came over me--one minute I was innocently procrastinating and reading blogs, and the next I'd grabbed the skein out of my stash and was winding as fast as I could. I love this yarn:

Mirasol Hacho, 100% handdyed merino. I picked up a single skein on my trip to Chicago in March, and it had been percolating in my stash ever since then.

Aren't the colors beautiful? I like the little flashes of blue--they prevent it from being a little too Rasta.

I modified the pattern a little--I wanted a wider headband so I added a stitch on each side. It's curling a lot, though, and I wonder if that's because it's wider. Now I think maybe I should have had a garter stitch border, but it's a little late now. I'll block the hell out of it and if that doesn't work, some kind of crocheted edging? The lace pattern actually doesn't show up particularly well in the colors, but they're so beautiful I don't mind.

Anyway, it's a perfect little project for my finals-week-addled brain!

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