Sunday, May 11, 2008

The spoils of a lovely day

Yesterday was an excellent day. Finished with my finals and putting off packing for now, I talked my friend Chris into driving me to The Yarn Barn in Woodbridge, CT, just about fifteen minutes away from where I live. The store was awesome! They had a HUGE selection, with lots of brands I'd heard of but never actually touched, like Artyarns, Koigu (I know, I know), Jo Sharp, and Malabrigo (mmmmmm soft). My friends were remarkably patient for nonknitters forced to spend time in a yarn store (I bribe them with handknitted gifts), and I got to fondle the yarn to my heart's content. And they were having a sale! Best day ever.

Then on the way back we discovered it was the annual Westville ArtWalk, so we spent time wandering around, looking at crafts, and eating kettle corn. We also forced Chris, age 20, to take part the "Featured Entertainment for Kids of All Ages" with the "Middle-Earth Storytellers" and a cast whose average age (other than Chris and some parents) was approximately six. He had to wear a costume with horns and prance around waving his tail in the air. I cannot BELIEVE I forgot my camera.

And of course, there was yarn! Ohhhh was there yarn.

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK, 80% baby alpace and 20% silk (the smaller ball is the same yardage, it was just rewound because it fell apart. That alpaca/silk is slippery stuff). My favorite aunt took a fall last week and was hurt pretty badly, so I think she is in need of a new scarf to cheer her up. I don't totally know what I'm doing yet, but I'm thinking of stealing the lace pattern from here and making a large-ish scarf/small-ish shawl thing. We'll see.

This yarn is SO SOFT. Every time I touch it I want to bury my face in it and make incoherent noises. Nom nom nom.

Adrienne Vittadini "Trina," 55% merino wool, 35% microfiber, 10% cashmere. I spent a long time looking for the perfect yarn to make Trellis, for the same pregnant friend who recieved the strawberry hat. The pattern calls for Rowan All Seasons Cotton, but I really wanted wool or a wool blend--the baby is due in October, and I loved the idea of a tiny baby snuggled in a beautiful wool sweater. But I wanted a superwash yarn, too (I like my friend too much to give her beautiful precious baby clothes that will get barfed on once and never worn again because they are a pain to wash) and the Trina fit the bill! Plus, it was discontinued and therefore on sale. Also, please note that the fact that the yarn is discontinued means that despite having bought TWO more balls than I thought I needed I will run out with two rows left on the second sleeve. I know it.

Colinette Jitterbug, 100% superwash merino, in "Blue Parrot." I eyed (and stroked) the Koigu PPPM for a long time, but I just feel like I'm not a good enough sock knitter yet, you know? Not that the yarn I've been working with (Regia, Lorna's Laces) is too shabby, but the Koigu is just so nice and I have this feeling that I have to earn it. If all goes well (i.e. if these socks turn out OK) they will be socks for my mother! If they look goofy they will be socks for me.

In short, good friends + sunshine + gorgeous yarn on sale + fun times + kettle corn = the best day! Glorious.

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