Friday, May 2, 2008

Well, CRAP.

I'm plugging away in the middle of finals week around here--I've finished one fugue and one paper, and I have one (mostly done) paper and two exams to go. My mother sent me a care package with some snacks, so it's time for a little knitting break! I finally finished both sleeves on my Gathered Pullover--let's see how they're looking.

Yeah. CRAP.

I don't even know what I did wrong--the markers show where I did the increases, (I cut all but the first one off of the first sleeve, which is too bad because they might have been helpful in figuring out what I did). It looks like I started doing the increases at the same place, so it must have been some mistake with counting rounds in between increases...which means I can't just rip back at the cuff...CRAP. Tomorrow I'll get out the schematic and see which one of these is right, or at least approximate. Then it's time to frog it.

I'm too annoyed to deal with this now, though, so I'm just going to sulk and eat chocolate and knit Dashing.

Well, kind of. The astute (or really just vaguely cognizant) among you will notice that this mitt does not, in fact, bear much more than a passing resemblence to Cheryl Niamath's very nice design. In rather typical form, I swatched, liked the fabric, was so far off with my gauge that I would have ended up with fingerless gloves for Chewbacca, and decided to just screw it and make up my own pattern for cabled fingerless mitts. I did use the afterthought thumb from the original pattern, though! But that's about it.

In gratuitous non-knitting news, remember that tiny, precious little puppy from this post? Now he looks like this:

The one on the left, of course. The one on the right is one of the newest additions to the family, courtesty of my parents and their ceaseless quest to replace me. So far he and his sister (because why would you get one cat when you can get two? Just because you have twice as many animals as people...) are fitting in well. When I go home this summer I'll have to see how he feels about yarn.

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